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AI Match

AI Match pits 1 ~ 4 players against enemy AI in a 4 vs 4 environment. Players wanting to play this mode select "AI Match" and are able to play against beginner and veteran AI. Depending on the population when a player enters the queue, players may play solo with AI allies to fill in the open team slots or with 1~3 other human players. Players are able to queue AI matches with up to 3 additional party members. AI difficulty scales based on the account level of the lowest player in the match. AI matches are not only great a tool to learn how to play Hyper Universe but a fun place to challenge yourself against fierce opponents.

Beginner AI Matches[edit | edit source]

New player accounts under level 5 can only AI matches. These accounts enroll in the Beginner program that significantly powers up any hyper they play. This program provides:

  • Increased damage against enemy hypers
  • Decreased damage from enemy hypers.
  • Decreased respawn timer upon death.

As the player's account levels, the beginner program benefits depreciate until the player is playing as they would a Regular Match. Similar, enemy AI behaviors change as the player's account levels up. Enemy AI will always prioritize attacking players, however beginner enemy AI will tend to use skills less frequently and retreat less often when low on health than their more difficult counterparts. Beginner enemy AI stay grouped less often as well and tend to operate independently. This allows the new players to quickly learn how to overtake enemies and play towards the main objectives of the game.

Beginner AI matches provide the least amount of experience and gold than the other versus modes. Players are able to complete missions. while playing this beginner AI.

Veteran AI Matches[edit | edit source]

Where Beginner AI matches guide new players through the basics of Hyper Universe, Veteran AI difficulty challenges players to fight against enhanced and well organized AI opponents.

Veteran AI:

  • Possess increased offense and defensive statistics.
  • Coordinate attacks and group up.
  • Pursue players/play more aggressively.
  • Have decreased respawn timers and increased gold/experience gain.
  • Target map objectives more frequently.

Essentially Veteran AI play competently, though players are able to exploit numerous behaviors to their benefit. Playing a veteran match provides greater rewards than beginner matches though less than if playing Regular Matches or Ranked Matches.