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Title: Goddess of War
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Job: Queen
Likes: The horse keeper, wine
Dislikes: Clay, spiders
Hobby: Looking at mirrors
Specialty: Horseback riding
Type: Melee, Physical
Class: Tank
Pros: High Defense & Mobility
Difficulty: Star1.pngStar1.pngStar1.pngStar0.pngStar0.png
Released: Early Access
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Voice Actor: NA
Health: 1630 (+102 per level)
Energy: 100
Speed: 550
Attack: 56 (+1.9 per level)
Defense: 47 (+1.8 per level)
Basic Attack
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Progression '
Physical '
Magical '
Health 65 (+8.4 per level)
Energy 30

Athena is one of the playable Hypers in Hyper Universe.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

This hyper can take hits and keep on rolling, making her perfect for aggressive advances. With all of her rushing and disruptive skills she excels at picking fights, but needs the support of her allies to finish enemies off.

Story[edit | edit source]

The kingdom of Zaule is a small and weak country that is barely mentioned in history. Their lands are small and barren. They have one advantage in how they are positioned for trade, but that is a double-edged sword that also invites larger nations to pressure them. If one of those countries chose to invade, it would be no contest. Zaule has really only survived because of its insignificance, and its queen. If not for Athena, Zaule would have vanished into the borders of some other country long ago.

The people of Zaule worship the goddess of light, and so only women can rule the kingdom. The queen serves both as a ruler and head priest, and has absolute power. Athena was the first-born of the previous queen. She was designated the heir apparent the day she was born, an extraordinary event as Zaule did not follow primogeniture. In truth, she was appointed because of her appearance. She had red hair like the burning sun, deep and clear eyes like wells of moonlight, and snow white skin. As a baby she was so beautiful that everyone was immediately enchanted with her, and they often remarked that she resembled the goddess of light. Over time people began to believe that Athena was the reincarnation of the goddess.

It must be remembered that the goddess of light is not always loving and generous. She shines over everything with her light, but also has the heat of the sun. Perhaps this is why Athena grew so feisty as she aged. Above all, Athena knew herself to be beautiful. This was unavoidable as everyone has been praising her beauty since her birth. She was adored by everyone and therefore thought that everyone should serve her. It was extremely selfish and ignorant of her, but it was not groundless. When she took the throne as queen after her mother, kings from far and wide came to ask her hand in marriage, offering her their kingdoms in return.

Athena was a wise and powerful ruler, but she had a secret. Despite the proposals and power at her fingertips, her true love was the lowly stable boy. He was a rough fellow with a thin frame and a grimy look, but it was love at first sight since the day he saved her from a wild horse. He didn't match up to the reincarnation of a goddess in any way, but she sincerely loved him. Most importantly, he could see past her power and beauty to the woman within, and so was the only one who honestly told her not be so entitled and selfish. Athena's life was a life without hardship or uncertainty, so the stable boy was the only thing of true value in her life.

Her only fear in life was for the stable boy, because she could not make her feelings for him known. She knew that if she declared her love, he would become the target of every king and noble in the land. If they were to be together, she had to be able to protect him from the blades of assassins. She realized that she could not protect the boy with her beauty alone, so she decided to go to Hyper Universe to become stronger.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Latent Passive - Grace of the Goddess
Athena's Movement Speed increases when out of combat, and her Health Regen increases when in combat. Notes:
 •  Extrainfohere
 • Damage: N/A  • Ability Type: Lasting Effect
 • Range: N/A  • Cooldown: N/A
 • Cost: No Cost

Ability Video

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Ability 1 - Olympian Smite
Athena swings both shield and sword, striking two heavy blows. Notes:
 •  Extrainfohere
 • Damage: 27 + (skill level × 3) + (ATK × 0.23) + (additional Damage × 0.1) and 40 + (skill level × 5) + (ATK × 0.35) + (additional Damage × 0.15 )  • Ability Type: Heavy Attack
 • Range: N/A  • Cooldown: 3 sec
 • Cost: 15 mp

Ability Video

Ability 2 - Humbling Cut
Athena lunges forward with an expert slash to the legs, dealing damage and decreasing Movement Speed. Notes:
 •  Extrainfohere
 • Damage: N/A  • Ability Type: Dashing Attack
 • Range: N/A  • Cooldown: 11 sec
 • Cost: 20 mp

Ability Video

Ability 3 - Gift of the Forge
Athena's equipment grants her decreased damage from enemies and increased damage to enemies. Notes:
 •  Extrainfohere
 • Damage: N/A  • Ability Type: Buff
 • Range: N/A  • Cooldown: 25 sec
 • Cost: 20 mp

Ability Video

Ability 4 - Victorious Charge
Athena charges forward with a powerful shield bash that does damage and stuns. Pressing her advantage, she ends the charge with another strike that does additional damage and stuns for longer. Notes:
 •  Extrainfohere
 • Damage: (skill level × 2) + (ATK × 0.09) + (ATK × 0.04) + 29 + (skill level × 3) + (ATK × 0.18) + (additional ATK × 0.07) final hit  • Ability Type: Charging attack + Stun
 • Range: N/A  • Cooldown: 13 secs
 • Cost: 30 mp

Ability Video

Ultimate Ability - Divine Fury
Athena crushes her foes with a flying sword slam, smiting the unworthy and knocking them down. Notes:
 •  Extrainfohere
 • Damage: N/A  • Ability Type: Short-rang, downing attack.
 • Range: N/A  • Cooldown: 80 secs
 • Cost: 40 mp

Ability Video

Hyper Specific Equipment and recommendations[edit | edit source]

Passive Augment Skill 2 Augment Skill 3 Augment Skill 4 Augment

Popular Common Equipment insert chart with common gear

Strategy[edit | edit source]


Achievements[edit | edit source]

Hyper[edit | edit source]

Athena Joins Hyper Universe
Play as Athena one time.
Win as Athena 10 times.

Relationship[edit | edit source]

With God
Play as Valter, Victoria, and Athena 1 time each.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

On Armor
Use each Unique Equipment piece for Athena in matches 10 times.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Interesting things about the character go here.

Skins[edit | edit source]

Goddess of War
Goddess of War Skin Release Date Early Access
Type Standard
Cost Free
Voicelines [[]]
In Game Model
Extra Information

Goddess of Victory
Goddess of Victory Skin Release Date Early Access
Type Standard
Cost Skin Samples x20, Blue Bitx100, Hyper Corex1, and 10,000Gp.png; 5,900 NX
Voicelines [[]]
In Game Model
Extra Information

Street Punk
Street Punk Skin Release Date Jan 17
Type Full Release
Cost 9,900 NX
Voicelines [[]]
In Game Model
Extra Information

Emotes[edit | edit source]


Gallery[edit | edit source]

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