Aura Generation

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Equipment that provides an aura provides beneficial effects to allies or detrimental effects to enemies. All equipment that will generate an aura provides it at their final stage. Some hyper skills provide an aura.

Damage Auras are a status that deals damage to nearby enemies in a radius around one with said aura. Damage dealt is fixed and automatically occurs every second to targets in range and isn't reduced by the target's Defense. Damage dealt by damage aura factors in Life Steal, however, only 1 hp is returned regardless of life steal amount. Damage dealt in this manner cannot deal critical hits. Only one equipment that provides a damage aura may be equipped per loadout (there isn't this limitation for non-damage auras). Damage auras effect all non-allied hypers and minions. Currently, Devil's Jacket and Frost Cape are the only equipment that provide damage auras.

Gelimer is the only hyper capable of having 2 persistent, damage auras. His Overload ability, along with an equipment that provides a damage aura, will each deal damage independently of each other.

Common Equipment that provides an Aura