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Title: Arrow of Shelara
Age: 120
Gender: Female
Race: High Elf
Job: Successor of the elves
Likes: The first dew formed at the dawn
Dislikes: Human
Hobby: Archery, patrolling the village
Specialty: Whistling
Type: Ranged, Physical
Class: Striker
Pros: High Persistent damage and mobility
Difficulty: Star1.pngStar1.pngStar1.pngStar0.pngStar0.png
Released: Early Access
Unlock: {{{unlockreq}}}
Voice Actor: NA
Health: 1630 (+102 per level)
Energy: 100
Speed: 550
Attack: 56 (+1.9 per level)
Defense: 47 (+1.8 per level)
Basic Attack
Damage {{{damage}}}
Progression '
Physical '
Magical '
Health 65 (+8.4 per level)
Energy 30

Celine is one of the playable Hypers in Hyper Universe.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

This hyper grows in power to dominate the latter half of any battle. Her early game requires picking off weaker targets, but with enough effort she can put out unparalleled damage. Her unique skill allows her to deal fixed damage based on her target's maximum health.

Story[edit | edit source]

"We cannot trust them. Their greed is disgusting! Never will I deal with such rabble."

Celine reacts sharply whenever humans are mentioned. Her gentle smile disappears, and her words turn venomous. The few who hear her outbursts can hardly believe she could harbor such feelings. Ironically, her ire is all from her ill-fated love of a human.

Long ago, Celine chanced upon a human who was lost in the woods. Elves are a secretive people but Celine was young and curious, and so she helped the human. Their contact continued from that day on, with the human often returning to the woods to meet with Celine. Stories of the outside world captivated her, and the dreams of adventures beyond the quiet and peaceful forests of the elves made her yearn to break free. More than that, the love she began to feel for the human overtook her reason. One day, without warning, Celine left the forest with her beloved.

No one knows exactly what happened in the human lands. Celine returned to the village a few years later, alone. The only hint was the earring she wore, a traditional elven expression of mourning for a lost spouse. She never speaks of her experiences or the human, who was never seen again.

Now, as heir to the elven throne, Celine focuses on the future of her people. At the center of their town is a great tree, the tallest in all the forest. This is Shelara the Mother Tree, said to be the origin of the elves, that has stood watch over their lands for as long as the elves themselves have existed. Celine has taken the name Arrow of Shelara out of respect for her history and her duties.Of all the elves that live under the protection of Shelara, Celine is by far the most talented archer. Her aim is so sharp that she could hit a leaf falling from 100 meters. Her hands are calloused from decades of diligent practice. It is this incredible focus that led her father to choose her as his successor when she was only 100 years old, a remarkable event since elves can live 500 years or more. For her 120th birthday, she was presented with Uzuru, the legendary bow of her people.

Elves are known to be a gentle people who value nature and peace. They respect life in all its forms and don't kill unless necessary, but do not think that Celine's bow is just for defense. Her arrows fly straight and true, and can be deadly at any distance.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Passive/Special - Guardian of the Winds
Increases Celine's Movement Speed. Notes:
 •  Extrainfohere
 • Damage: N/A  • Ability Type: Movement speed increase
 • Range: N/A  • Cooldown: N/A
 • Cost: No Cost

Ability Video

Ability 1 - Strafe
Celine's reflexes are sharp enough to fire off three quick arrows that damage enemies. Notes:
 •  Extrainfohere
 • Damage: 20 + (skill level × 3) + (attack × 0.2) + (additional damage × 0.09)  • Ability Type:Ranged Heavy Attack
 • Range: N/A  • Cooldown: 3 secs
 • Cost: 15 mp

Ability Video

Ability 2 - Gale Arrow
Calls on the wind spirits to fire off a wind-enchanted arrow that pushes the enemy back, does damage, and decreases Movement Speed. Notes:
 •  Extrainfohere
 • Damage: 60 + (skill level × 8) + (ATK × 0.43) + (additional ATK × 0.18)  • Ability Type: Knockback attack
 • Range: N/A  • Cooldown: 13 secs
 • Cost: 25 mp

Ability Video

Ability 3 - Ranger's Shot
Focuses on firing a killing shot. The longer she focuses, the further the arrow will travel and the more damage it will do. Notes:
 •  Extrainfohere
 • Damage: 80 + (skill level × 12) + (ATK × 0.58) + (additional ATK × 0.25)  • Ability Type: Long range heavy attack
 • Range: N/A  • Cooldown: 12 secs
 • Cost: 30 mp

Ability Video

Ability 4 - Elven Leap
Taps Celine's elven reflexes to flip backwards, evading all attacks. Cooldown is reduced each time a regular attack hits an enemy. Notes:
 •  Extrainfohere
 • Damage: N/A  • Ability Type: Evasive backflip
 • Range: N/A  • Cooldown: 15 secs
 • Cost: 15 mp

Ability Video

Ultimate Ability - Uzuru Awakened
Awakens the soul of Celine's bow, Uzuru, allowing her to shoot faster with regular attacks and do additional damage proportional to her Health. Notes:
 •  Extrainfohere
 • Damage: N/A  • Ability Type: Basic Attack Change
 • Range: N/A  • Cooldown: 75 secs
 • Cost: 40 mp

Ability Video

Hyper Specific Equipment and recommendations[edit | edit source]

Passive Augment Skill 2 Augment Skill 3 Augment Ultimate Augment

Popular Common Equipment insert chart with common gear

Strategy[edit | edit source]


Achievements[edit | edit source]

Hyper[edit | edit source]

Celine Joins Hyper Universe
Play as Celine one time.
Win as Celine 10 times.

Relationship[edit | edit source]

I Hate the Most
Play as Celine, Migenhardt and Trakakhan 10 times each.
Good Medicine
Play as Celine, Louis and Liu 1 time each.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

The Mind-Reading Weapon
Use each Unique Equipment piece for Celine in matches 10 times.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Interesting things about the character go here.

Skins[edit | edit source]

Arrow of Shelara
Arrow of Shelara Skin Release Date Early Access
Type Standard
Cost Free
Voicelines [[]]
In Game Model
Extra Information

Master of Uzuru
Master of Uzuru Skin Release Date Early Access
Type Standard
Cost 20 Master of Uzuru samples, 100 Green Bit, 1 Hyper core, and Gp.png10,000 or 5,900 NX.
Voicelines [[]]
In Game Model
Extra Information

Superstar Skin Release Date Jan 17
Type Premium
Cost 9,900 NX
Voicelines [[]]
In Game Model
Extra Information

Alt 2
Alt 2 Skin Release Date N/A
Type Premium
Cost N/A
Voicelines [[]]
In Game Model
Extra Information

Alt 3
Alt 3 Skin Release Date N/A
Type Premium
Cost N/A
Voicelines [[]]
In Game Model
Extra Information

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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