Coat of the Deep

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Coat of the Deep
Coat of the Deep.png
Name: Coat of the Deep
# of Stages: 3
Total Coin.png: 6176
Final Statistics
Attack: {{{atk}}}
Attack Range: {{{atkrng}}}
Attack Speed: {{{atkspd}}}
Critical Rate: {{{crtr8}}}
Defense Bypass: {{{defby}}}
Defense Penetration: {{{defpen}}}
Life Steal: {{{lifestl}}}
Max Health: +300
Defense: +35
Health Regen: {{{hprgn}}}
Max Mana: {{{maxmp}}}
Mana Regen: {{{mprgn}}}
Cooldown Reduction: +15%
Movement Speed: {{{mvmntspd}}}
Aura: {{{aura}}}
Siege Damage: {{{sgedmg}}}
Siege Damage Reduction: {{{sgedef}}}
Description: Enhance: Black Mark: Ink Duration +1 sec Movement Speed -30%

The Coat of the Deep is a Hyper Specific Equipment used by Admiral W in Hyper Universe. It primarily provides defensive bonuses and enhances his Black Mark.

Upgrade Stages[edit | edit source]

Stage 1


Stage 2


Stage 3


Defense +15 Defense +10 Defense +10
Max Health +100 Max Health +150 Max Health +150
Cooldown Reduction +5% Cooldown Reduction +10%

Passive[edit | edit source]

Enhance Black Mark: Ink Duration +1 sec Movement Speed -30%

Strategy[edit | edit source]