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Custom Match
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Custom Match is a unique place where up to 8 players against each other in a 4 vs 4 environment. This mode allows players to select teams, allies, and maps while letting players chose to spectate the match and communicate with anyone in the lobby prior to the match loading. Custom matches function no differently than a Regular Match though rewards. missions, and the ability to commend others is disabled.

Using Custom Lobbies[edit | edit source]

Custom matches require a single player to host a custom match lobby by selecting "Custom Match." The host can freely invite players on their friend's list into their lobby, select the map for the match, enable up to 7 AI players in open slots on either team, and start the match Invited players can join any open slot on a team or select a spectating slot to watch the game play. Custom games are a great place to practice playing Hyper Universe, develop team strategies, and enjoy a private game with your friends!

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