Dragon's Refuge

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Dragon's Refuge

Dragons Refuge is a map in Hyper Universe.

Basic Info[edit | edit source]

Welcome to the lair of the last legendary dragon. This is not a foe to take lightly, and you should not risk waking it until you are prepared for a fierce fight. Gather your allies and beware its powerful attacks for they can end your life in an instant.

Key Info[edit | edit source]

  • Defense turrets should be destroyred in the order they are encountered Outer > Inner > base
  • Destroying the innerdefense turret will summon Sentinels, powerful siege units to help assault the base.
  • Defeating the dragon will summons a Siege Tank, the strongest siege unit.
  • Mouse over the minimap in the Help menu to check the details of each object.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Map Layout[edit | edit source]

Map Objects[edit | edit source]

Allytowerbase.png Ally Base tower. The blue color signals your own base, therefore the placement might be swapped to the right side when playing a Regular Match. It has the most health of all towers. If destroyed, you lose the match.
Allytower2.png Ally Tower #2. This is the last tower before your base tower. Once it's destroyed, the enemy team spawns Heavy minions. It has more health than the first tower.
Allytower.png Ally Tower #1. This is the first tower that defends your lanes. It has the lowest health of your towers.
Warp.png Warp. A place where you can warp from and to. Cannot warp to or from enemy base warp. Warping costs 200gp. Backing warps you to the base warp.
Spring.png Spring: Jump on this to move up 1 floor. Springs can be used twice in succession before going on a short cooldown.
Ladder.png Ladder: You can climb up and down connected floors with these. You can jump up them to climb fast and avoid attacks or hop off of them. Being attacked knocks you off of them or stuns you temporarily if you attempting to hop onto a ladder from its top.
Enemytower.png Enemy Tower #1 The enemy's first tower.
Enemytower1.png Enemy Tower #2: Functions the same as the ally tower. Once destroyed, your team will spawn heavy minions.
Enemytowerbase.png Enemy Base Tower: Destroying this wins the game. Functions just like the ally base tower save for dealing one of the most powerful attacks should you try to climb its ladders.

Jungle Minion Legend[edit | edit source]

Ds1.png Kobold Warriors x3
DR2.png Turtleloids
Dr3.png Skeleton Warriors

Dragonjungleheavyskelly.png Dragonjunglelightskelly.png

Dr4.png Kobold Captain and Warriors

Dragonjunglemediummelee.png Dragonjunglelitekobolds.png

Dr5.png Lost Souls x3


Dr6.png Cultist Wyvern and Pups x2

Dragonjunglewyvern.png Dragonjunglewolf.png

Ds7.png Kobold Shaman on Warriors x4

Dragonjunglelightmelee.png Dragonjunglelitekobolds.png

Ds8.png Gatoriods x2 and Turtloids x4

Dragonjunglecroc.png Dragonjungleturtle.png

Dr9.png Dragoon


Dr10.png Skeleton Warlock, Warrior x2, and Mage x2

Dragonjunglelowerelite.png Dragonjungleheavyskelly.png Dragonjunglelightskelly.png

Executionericon.png Executioner
Dragonicon.png Dragon

Gallery[edit | edit source]