ESP Assault Rifle

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ESP Assault Rifle
ESP Assault Rifle.png
Name: ESP Assault Rifle
Equippable: All Hypers
# of Stages: 3
Total Coin.png: 5962
Final Statistics
Attack: +40
Attack Range: {{{atkrng}}}
Attack Speed: +10%
Critical Rate: +10%
Defense Bypass: {{{defby}}}
Defense Penetration: {{{defpen}}}
Life Steal: {{{lifestl}}}
Max Health: {{{maxhp}}}
Defense: {{{def}}}
Health Regen: {{{hprgn}}}
Max Mana: {{{maxmp}}}
Mana Regen: {{{mprgn}}}
Cooldown Reduction: {{{cooldown}}}
Movement Speed: {{{mvmntspd}}}
Aura: {{{aura}}}
Siege Damage: {{{sgedmg}}}
Siege Damage Reduction: {{{sgedef}}}
Description: Increases regular projectile attack range by 100 units

The ESP Assault Rifle is a common equipment used in Hyper Universe. It's provides offensive bonuses and is the only common equipment that boosts Attack Range for regular projectile attacks. It is only the only common equipment to provide a flat increase to Attack Speed to regular attacks.

Upgrade Stages[edit | edit source]

Stage 1


Stage 2


Stage 3


Attack +10 Attack +15 Attack +15
Critical Rate +5% Critical Rate +5% Attack Speed +5%
Attack Speed +5% Passive

Passive[edit | edit source]

Increases regular projectile attack range by 100 units

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Regular projectile attack range refers to the basic attacking meaning the bonus range doesn't extend ranged skills' ranges.