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Hypers are the playable characters in Hyper Universe. Each one has their own unique abilities and fighting style. Hypers can use gold to buy items to increase their performance and enhance their skills and also to help them adapt to specific situations in any match. There are currently 47 playable Hypers in the game.

Hypers are organized into 6 different types: Tank, Bruiser, Specialist, Striker, Support, and Assassin.

Every Hyper has a unique basic attack, passive skill, 4 regular skills, and a special skill called an Ultimate. Ultimate skills are subject to a very long cooldown, but when used in the right situations, can turn the tide of a battle.

Additional Hypers may be purchased using GP (Game Points) or Quarks, typically costing 15,000 GP or 2,500 Quarks each.

Each Hyper has their own experience level, which like that of the player, increases the more they are played. Achieving new levels with a hyper grants special rewards.

Below are a list of Hypers currently playable in the game...

Hypers[edit | edit source]

Tank[edit | edit source]

Bruiser[edit | edit source]

Specialist[edit | edit source]

Striker[edit | edit source]

Support[edit | edit source]

Assassin[edit | edit source]

Planned for release[edit | edit source]