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Title: Magical Princess
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Race: Fairy
Job: Princess
Likes: Raspberry pie
Dislikes: Fish
Hobby: Taking photos
Specialty: Tennis
Type: Medium Ranged, Energy
Class: Support
Pros: AoE CC and support. Moderate dps.
Difficulty: Star1.pngStar1.pngStar0.pngStar0.pngStar0.png
Released: Early Access
Unlock: {{{unlockreq}}}
Voice Actor: NA
Health: 1630 (+102 per level)
Energy: 100
Speed: 550
Attack: 56 (+1.9 per level)
Defense: 47 (+1.8 per level)
Basic Attack
Damage {{{damage}}}
Progression '
Physical '
Magical '
Health 65 (+8.4 per level)
Energy 30

Pinky is one of the playable Hypers in Hyper Universe.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

This hyper provides solid support but can also harass enemies with disruptive skills. She can shield her allies or attack enemies depending on the needs of the situation. It's key that she increase her mana reserves because her overall power is dependent on how much mana she has at the moment.

Story[edit | edit source]

There exists a magic kingdom, far from the lands familiar to all, that is maintained by the power of love itself. The more people love, the stronger and brighter that kingdom becomes. But if hate takes hold in society, the kingdom grows dark and starts to break down, It's impossible to find this kingdom on a map, but rest assured, a little piece of it is there in your heart.

Recently, the kingdom has fallen on hard times. Love is losing out to hate, so much so that monsters have appeared to attack the peaceful residents. Something must be wrong in the human world, and Pinky wants to know what it is. She loves her kingdom more than anything else, and would do anything to see it protected.

In the human world, Pinky encountered a man and a woman fighting. That's the kind of hate that endangers her kingdom. Pinky asked them what was wrong, and the woman told her that the man was late for their date. The man apologized, and is angry that his apology wasn't enough. They continue, with the woman saying he doesn't seem to love her anymore, and that hurts. At last, Pinky jumps in."Yeah, I don't feel any love here. I don't think he loves you at all!"

This, of course, made their fight even worse. Pinky was completely confused by all of this, and suddenly clasped her hands as if she finally understood.

"I-I mean, he does have SOME love. It's just for that other lady over there!"

This only made Pinky even more confused, as all three people began fighting bitterly. There WAS love here, right? Why were people getting so angry about it? Pinky tried a few more things, including her magical beams, but nothing seemed to make it better. Well, there's always tomorrow, she thought. And she's right, there's always another day to save her magical kingdom of love!

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Passive/Special - Power of Imagination
Pinky's boundless optimism increases the Mana and Mana Regen of her playmates. Notes:
 •  * Maximum mana 20 increased
  • Mana regeneration 20
 • Damage: N/A  • Ability Type: Team buff
 • Range: N/A  • Cooldown: N/A
 • Cost: No Cost

Ability Video

Ability 1 - Cootie Beam
Flings a beam of love that damage enemies. Love stacks, reducing enemy Movement Speed and stunning them. Notes:
 •  *stun effect for 1.2 seconds
 • Damage: 31 + (skill level × 4) + (ATK × 0.31) + (ATK × 0.13) + (30% of maximum mana)  • Ability Type: Heavy Attack + Slow/Stun
 • Range: N/A  • Cooldown: secs
 • Cost: mp

Ability Video

Ability 2 - Wand Twirl
Spins around in a magical routine. Her first spin pushes enemies back and stuns them. Her second spin pushes them even further and reduces their Movement Speed. Notes:
 •  Extrainfohere
 • Damage: of 28 + (skill level × 3) + (attack × 0.18) + ( additional damage × 0.08) + (35% of maximum mana)  • Ability Type: AoE push+stun
 • Range: N/A  • Cooldown: secs
 • Cost: mp

Ability Video

Ability 3 - Boo-Boo Bell
Lobs a super bouncy magical ball at enemies. At first bounce, the ball creates a field that increases ally Movement Speed and reduces enemy Movement Speed. Notes:
 •  *Change the track if it collides with the ground or wall.
  • Create a magic area for 3 seconds at the point where it collides with the ground for the first time .
  • 20% movement speed of friendly for
  • seconds · 70% reduction of enemy movement speed for 2 seconds
 • Damage: 56 + (skill level 7 ×) + (0.37 Damage ×) + (Additional Damage 0.16 ×) + (70% of maximum mana)  • Ability Type: Summon movement buff/debuff
 • Range: N/A  • Cooldown: secs
 • Cost: mp

Ability Video

Ability 4 - Bubble Shield
Pinky summons a damage absorption bubble to shield a hyper of her choice within 1,600 units. Notes:
 •  Extrainfohere
 • Damage: Shield 81 + (skill level × 13) + (ATK × 0.65) + (additional damage × 0.32) + (100% of maximum mana)  • Ability Type: Shield
 • Range: N/A  • Cooldown: secs
 • Cost: mp

Ability Video

Ultimate Ability - Rainbow Dance
Consumes all of Pinky's mana while healing allies and damaging enemies. The more Mana that's consumed, the more powerful the skill. Notes:
 •  *Healing 35 + ( Skill level × 3) + (ATK × 0.09) + ( additional ATK × 0.04) + (25% of additional mana cost)
  • Ignore all harmful effects
 • Damage: 29 + (skill level × 5) + (ATK × 0.24) + (Additional ATK × 0.12) + (add 50% of mana spent to)  • Ability Type: Lasting Effect
 • Range: N/A  • Cooldown: secs
 • Cost: mp

Ability Video

Hyper Specific Equipment and recommendations[edit | edit source]

Passive Augment Skill 3 Augment Skill 4 Augment Ultimate Augment

Popular Common Equipment insert chart with common gear

Strategy[edit | edit source]


Achievements[edit | edit source]

Hyper[edit | edit source]

Pinky Joins Hyper Universe
Play as Pinky one time.
Win as Pinky 10 times.
Play as Pinky 50 times.

Relationship[edit | edit source]

Play as Gelimer and Zet 1 time each.
Win as Gelimer and Zet 10 times each.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Use each Unique Equipment piece for Pinky in matches 10 times.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Interesting things about the character go here.

Skins[edit | edit source]

Magical Princess
Magical Princess Skin Release Date Early Access
Type Standard
Cost Free
Voicelines [[]]
In Game Model
Extra Information

Transforming Girl
Transforming Girl Skin Release Date Early Access
Type Standard
Cost 20 Magical Princess samples, 100 Blue Bit, 1 Hyper core, and Gp.png10,000 or 5,900 NX.
Voicelines [[]]
In Game Model
Extra Information

Magical Girl
Magical Girl Skin Release Date Jan 17
Type Premium
Cost 9,900 NX
Voicelines [[]]
In Game Model
Extra Information

Alt 2
Alt 2 Skin Release Date N/A
Type Premium
Voicelines [[]]
In Game Model
Extra Information

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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