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Regular Match

Regular Match pits 8 players against each other in a 4 vs 4 environment. Players wanting to play this mode select "Regular Match." Player accounts at or below Level 5 may be moved into an AI Match queue should they not be matched appropriately against other players. Players are able to queue regular matches with up to 3 additional party members. An ingame matchmaking system connects players with similarly skilled allies and opponent to maximize challenge and excitement. Regular matches are one of the primarily modes of play in Hyper Universe providing players a place to become expert competitors.

Playing Regular Matches[edit | edit source]

When selecting a regular match, players can select the world region queue to enter. Parties of players can only be formed outside of queuing. During the queuing (or matchmaking) process, players are able to freely navigate the Hyper Universe main screen barring entering a different mode (such as Training Mode). Once the queue matches players, each player receives a pop-up notification to enter the regular mode lobby. Players may elect not to enter the match via selecting "Cancel" or expiring the pop-up timer. Not entering the queue in this manner more than once incurs a penalty on the players account (See Penalties).

Players then enter the lobby where they can select their hypers and chat. Players also select the skin for the hyper they select as well. In the case that the hyper or skin has not been unlocked, a pop-up window allows the player to unlock that content using the proper currency (either with gold or NX Cash). Enemy players and their hypers are not shown until after this phase. Players are able to select each other's name and view their account information.

Learn how to play a Hyper Universe PvP match: How to Play Guide for Hyper Universe[edit | edit source]

Once the match loads, the game precedes just as an AI Match where each team tries to destroy their enemy's base tower. Beginner program benefits are not available in this mode. Winning and losing regular matches will affect who the player gets matched up with and against in future regular matches. Daily and weekly missions can be completed. Rewards for playing this mode are greater than playing AI matches and the results of the matches are displayed in the account information tab.

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