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One of the roles available to certain hypers in Hyper Universe.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Specialist skillset are primarily for targeting wide areas and dealing burst damage. Compared to other Types, Specialists rely rather heavily on chaining their abilities together to maximize their damage. They have few mobility skills and low Defense to compensate for their high Attack Power and large area affecting skills. All Specialists have a natural 10% Attack bonus.

**NOTE**[edit | edit source]

Allen and Perseus do not play as standard specialists. Their skillsets and playstyles align with Assassin and Bruiser respectively. Consider those role pages when assessing their playstyle overview.

  • Damage: Star1.pngStar1.pngStar1.pngStar1.pngStar1.png
  • Jungling/Ganking: Star1.pngStar1.pngStar0.pngStar0.pngStar0.png
  • Area Control: Star1.pngStar1.pngStar1.pngStar1.pngStar1.png
  • Damage mitigation/Defense: Star1.pngStar0.pngStar0.pngStar0.pngStar0.png
  • Team effects/support: Star1.pngStar1.pngStar0.pngStar0.pngStar0.png
  • Crowd Control: Star1.pngStar1.pngStar0.pngStar0.pngStar0.png
  • Evasion/Movement options: Star1.pngStar0.pngStar0.pngStar0.pngStar0.png
  • Difficulty: Star1.pngStar1.pngStar0.pngStar0.pngStar0.png
  • Preferred position: Solo laning and backlines.
  • # per team composition: 1~2
  • Loadout diversity: Medium
  • Role Importance:Medium~High
  • Replaceable with: Striker only.

Typical Specialist common equipment:

Do's and Don'ts[edit | edit source]


  • Lane alone. Accept any support from allies.
  • Build a loadout with high Attack and Critical Rate, Cooldown Reduction,Defense Bypass, Defense Penetration, and Life Steal.
  • Stick with your team in a fight staying behind your frontline.
  • Capitalize on stunned enemies by unleashing your powerful skills.
  • Keep enemies away by using skills that cover an area.
  • Attack towers especially when they are unguarded.
  • Kill jungle minions that are close to the lane.
  • Kill jungle minions as a means to regain life when low on hp instead of backing.
  • Use your skills to keep enemies in a specific area or away from it.
  • Run away when targeted.


  • Enter the jungle unless you have vision and can quickly take camp.
  • Chase enemies beyond the safety of your allies or tower.
  • Overestimate your power. You can easily die just as fast and you can kill someone.
  • Don't chase the enemy without your team.
  • Don't tank the tower unless you know you can take the tower without minions.
  • Don't engage fights unless you are playing Allen or Perseus.
  • Solo Assassins.
  • Not build Defense Bypass or Defense Penetration.

Hypers[edit | edit source]