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Title: Master of Forgotten Arts
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Job: None
Likes: Tiger hides
Dislikes: Losing, training in winter
Hobby: Herbalism
Specialty: Xiangqi
Type: Melee, Physical
Class: Assassin
Pros: Short-Ranged burst damage & chain CC.
Difficulty: Star1.pngStar1.pngStar1.pngStar1.pngStar0.png
Released: Jan 17
Unlock: {{{unlockreq}}}
Voice Actor: NA
Health: 1630 (+102 per level)
Energy: 100
Speed: 550
Attack: 56 (+1.9 per level)
Defense: 47 (+1.8 per level)
Basic Attack
Damage {{{damage}}}
Progression '
Physical '
Magical '
Health 65 (+8.4 per level)
Energy 30

Tae'guk is one of the playable Hypers in Hyper Universe.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

This hyper has impressive disruptive skills dependent on linking his skills together. He is a major threat in every battle thanks to ignoring enemy obstacles and doing huge damage through skill chains. However, his skills depend on a limited resource that's hard to build and must be maintained to remain effective.

Story[edit | edit source]

The ancient master was unmatched in the martial arts. He was courted by kings and warlords, but he desired neither money nor honor. People still suspected that he harbored desires and were fearful of his great power, so they tried to kill him. Though he survived the attacks, the master's son and wife were killed. This enraged him, and he took terrible revenge on every single person connected to the plot. Afterwards he took to the mountains, living like a hermit and refusing to come down for anything.

One day when he was hiking through the mountains, he found two babies in a tiger cave. They were twins, both healthy and smiling even as the lions toyed with them. He took them in and trained them in his ways. As they grew they began to grow apart in personality. Tae'guk was always selfish and greedy, and Tae'bak was kind and thoughtful. Tae'guk considered Tae'bak his rival, which made his greed and jealousy all the worse. Tae'guk always wanted more than Tae'bak, taking his things even when he didn't need them. Tae'bak, on the other hand, was so kind-hearted that he gave what he had to Tae'guk, and would pretend to lose when they sparred to make Tae'guk feel better. The grand master was deeply troubled by this.

"One is too greedy, and the other too selfless. If only I could make one child from the two."

The master took extra care around Tae'bak, and that only made Tae'guk resent them even more. Tae'guk also didn't believe that the master found him and his brother in a tiger cave. A guest had once stayed with them, and told Tae'guk that one of them was the grandson of the master. Tae'guk didn't think that could be him, since the master favored Tae'bak so much more. Even though Tae'guk was growing more talented he still went to Tae'bak for help, because in his heart he was lazy and wanted his hard-working brother to solve his problems.

When the master made Tae'bak his successor, Tae'guk became enraged. Effort aside, Tae'guk was more talented than Tae'bak and could beat him regularly, which made the decision all the more baffling. He felt betrayed, and fully grasped at the idea that Tae'bak was secretly the master's grandson. And so he acted, poisoning both of them and taking the secrets of their art for himself.

The secret that will never be revealed is that Tae'guk was the master's grandson. His greater talent came from that fact, and the master chose Tae'bak over Tae'guk to free his own kin from the burdens of carrying on their art. However, it is doubtful that Tae'guk would even regret his actions if he knew the truth. He was born greedy, and his actions have always been entirely self-serving. He's moved on to Hyper Universe where he can do as he pleases and take what he wants, as long as he bears the power to do so.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Passive/Special - Harmony
When Tae'guk channels the void, he can extend his skills with linked attacks. The linked attack ignores all interference effects except Grappled. Notes:
 •  Extrainfohere
 • Damage: N/A  • Ability Type: Follow-up skill potential
 • Range: N/A  • Cooldown: N/A
 • Cost: No Cost

Ability Video

Ability 1 - Channel Energy
When Tae'guks balance begins to suffer, he can meditate to recover harmony orbs, Health, and Mana. Notes:
 •  Extrainfohere
 • Damage: N/A  • Ability Type: Self healing and resource summon.
 • Range: N/A  • Cooldown: 6 secs
 • Cost: No cost

Ability Video

Ability 2 - Blade of Wind
Tae'guk slips through the air to strike his foes with a swift kick, launching them into the air. Using a void orb lets him follow with a second flip. Notes:
 •  Extrainfohere
 • Damage: N/A  • Ability Type: Heavy launcher
 • Range: N/A  • Cooldown: 9 secs
 • Cost: 25 mp

Ability Video

Ability 3 - Surge of Earth
Tae'guk surges forward with a kick as solid as a mountain, pushing enemies and dealing damage. Using a void orb lets him add a second kick that launches enemies. Notes:
 •  Extrainfohere
 • Damage: N/A  • Ability Type: Heavy push w/ or w/o launcher
 • Range: N/A  • Cooldown: 9 secs
 • Cost: 20 mp

Ability Video

Ability 4 - Shield of Water
Tae'guk meditates on the ebb and flow of water, allowing its energy to cover and protect him. Ignores all interference effects except Grappled. Using a void orb lets him lift into the air and strike to either side, reducing Movement Speed. Notes:
 •  Extrainfohere
 • Damage: N/A  • Ability Type: Shield w/ or w/o a heavy attack
 • Range: N/A  • Cooldown: 20 secs
 • Cost: 15 mp

Ability Video

Ultimate Ability - Wave of Fire
Tae'guk focuses his inner fire on his legs, crashing down with a fiery strike that damages, stuns, and pulls enemies to him. Using void orbs lets Tae'guk cut loose with a three-hit finishing combination. Notes:
 •  Extrainfohere
 • Damage: N/A  • Ability Type: Fierce launcher
 • Range: N/A  • Cooldown: 80 secs
 • Cost: 35 mp

Ability Video

Hyper Specific Equipment and recommendations[edit | edit source]

Passive and

Skill 1 Augment

Skill 2 and

Skill 3 Augment

Skill 4 Augment Ultimate Augment

Popular Common Equipment insert chart with common gear

Strategy[edit | edit source]


Achievements[edit | edit source]

Hyper[edit | edit source]

Tae'guk Joins Hyper Universe
Play as Tae'guk one time.
Win as Tae'guk 10 times.
Play as Tae'guk 50 times.

Relationship[edit | edit source]

Play as Gelimer and Zet 1 time each.
Win as Gelimer and Zet 10 times each.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Use each Unique Equipment piece for Tae'guk in matches 10 times.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Interesting things about the character go here.

Skins[edit | edit source]

Master of Forgotten Arts
Master of Forgotten Arts Skin Release Date Jan 17
Type Standard
Cost Free
Voicelines [[]]
In Game Model
Extra Information

Betraying Shadow
Betraying Shadow Skin Release Date Jan 17
Type Standard
Cost 20 Betraying Shadowsamples, 100 Green Bit, 1 Hyper core, and Gp.png10,000 or 5,900 NX.
Voicelines [[]]
In Game Model
Extra Information

Man in Charge
Man in Charge Skin Release Date Jan 17
Type Premium
Cost 9,900 NX
Voicelines [[]]
In Game Model
Extra Information

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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