Training Mode

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Training Mode
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Training mode is a useful place to practice playing any of the hypers against any hyper! The Training Map is a small map that allows the player to use the majority of functions found in a Regular Match. Here, the player can test different equipment loadouts, play against a cpu which various behaviors, and simulate different statuses and Statistics as they would affect the player or their enemies. Kills and deaths are not tracked here, though damage sources and damage totals are calculated. Currently, training mode is a single player lobby pitting the player hyper against a single enemy hyper of their choice. Players are encouraged to practice connecting their skills, timing their interference attacks, and dodging enemy abilities in this mode. Similarly, players are able to test the strength of their equipment builds to maximize specific traits or see how they measure up against specific enemy hypers.

Players in training mode are able to:

  • Play any hyper currently in the game
  • Load different premade equipment builds including free rotation loadouts.
  • Freely level up or level down hyper and equipment levels for their hyper and the enemy hyper.
  • Customize CPU behavior and difficulty.
  • Warp and use springs and ladders as normal.
  • Display player hyper and enemy hyper character sheets and live statistics.

Note that Equipment loadouts cannot be created in training mode but are able to be swapped out. Doing so restarts training. Also, equipment that provides effects upon getting a kill, dying, attacking, taking damage, or would be gained over time require the same conditions necessary to utilize them (such as Foul Totem and Dread Mantle).